Jul 20, 2018: Three grants accepted in only 2 weeks

We will be recruiting a postdoc and a research assistant to work in cancer bioinformatics projects very soon. Stay tuned!

Jul 15, 2018: France world champion 2018!

Watching the semi-final game with the team

Mar 5, 2018: Neuroblastoma copy number paper is online in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Genomic amplifications and distal 6q-loss: novel markers for poor survival in high-risk neuroblastoma patients. P. Depuydt, V. Boeva, T.D. Hocking, R. Cannoodt, I.M. Ambros, P.F. Ambros, S. Asgharzadeh, E.F. Attiyeh, V. Combaret, R. Defferrari, M. Fischer, B. Hero, M.D. Hogarty, M.S. Irwin, J. Koster, S. Kreissman, R. Ladenstein, E. Lapouble, G. Laureys, W.B. London, K. Mazzocco, A. Nakagawara, R. Noguera, M. Ohira, J.R. Park, U. Pötschger, J. Theissen, G.P. Tonini, D. Valteau-Couanet, L. Varesio, R. Versteeg, F. Speleman, J.M. Maris, G. Schleiermacher, K. De Preter. JNCI. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2018 Mar 5. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djy022. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 29514301 Link to the paper

Feb 3, 2018: Today we support Worldwide Cancer Research!

#livesturnedupsidedown #upsidedownselfie

Jan 13, 2018: QuantumClone paper is online in Bioinformatics

QuantumClone: Clonal assessment of functional mutations in cancer based on a genotype-aware method for clonal reconstruction. P. Deveau, L. Colmet Daage, D. Oldridge, V. Bernard, A. Bellini, M. Chicard, N. Clement, E. Lapouble, V. Combaret, A. Boland, V. Meyer, J.-F. Deleuze, I. Janoueix-Lerosey, E. Barillot, O. Delattre, J. Maris, G. Schleiermacher, and V. Boeva. Bioinformatics. Accepted for publication. Link to the paper

July 24, 2017: Neuroblastoma heterogeneity paper is online in Nature Genetics

Heterogeneity of neuroblastoma cell identity defined by transcriptional circuitries. V. Boeva, et al., Nature Genetics. published online July 24, 2017. PMID: 28740262. doi: 10.1038/ng.3921. Link to the paper

Juin 27, 2017: PhD defense of Paul Deveau

December 15, 2016: HMCan-diff paper has been accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research

HMCan-diff: a method to detect changes in histone modifications in cells with different genetic characteristics. H. Ashoor, C. Louis-Brennetot, I. Janoueix-Lerosey, V.B. Bajic, and V. Boeva. Nucleic Acids Research. Accepted for publication. Link to the method

November 28, 2016: PhD defense of Karel Brinda

October 28, 2016: Our Russian-French collaborative team has won the first phase of the ENCODE-DREAM Challenge for in vivo Transcription Factor Binding Site Prediction

We are hiring post-doctoral researchers

  • Your background is in mathematics, statistics or bioinformatics, you have already developed statistical approaches to analyze biological data?
  • Or you are a biologist who is interested in the generation and analysis of high-throughput datasets to understand changes in the genome and epigenome taking place in cancer?

  • You want to work in Europe, contribute to cancer treatment and have access to patients data?

  • And on the top of that you enjoy French wine and cheese, love picnics, bouldering and traveling?

  • Then the Boeva lab is for you. Read the advertisement and apply!

We are looking for master students (enrolled in French University programs only)

Apply if you want to learn more about cancer and about epigenetics! You will also improve you programming skills and learn new data analysis techniques.
We are looking for Master student for two projects:
  • Changes in the 3D structure of the chromatin in cancer.
  • Role of the Spi1/PU.1 transcription factor in RNA and DNA regulation and leukemogenesis

Please, contact the lab directly to get more details about the projects.

July 23, 2016, we welcomed our wet lab technician: Marie-Ange Calmejane!

April 1, 2016: official lab openning!